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"I thank God daily for the good fortune of my birth, for I am certain I would have made a miserable peasant."

-- Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
by C. S. Forester

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The Hornblower Saga

All of the 12 Hornblower Saga titles are available as ebooks in the eNet Press eBookstore. Further descriptions can be found in individual book pages.

In 1927, C.S. Forester purchased three volumes of The Naval Chronicle from 1790 to 1820. For the Chronicle, officers of the Royal Navy wrote articles on strategy, seamanship, gunnery, and other professional topics of interest to their colleagues. The Chronicle for those years covered the wars with Napoleon. Reading these volumes and writing a history of Nelson solidified Forester's knowledge of British naval activities.

Upon traveling by freighter from California to Europe via Central America allowed the germination of the character Horatio Hornblower as a member of the Royal Navy in the late eighteenth century. By the time the journey brought him home to England, Forester had plotted Beat to Quarters, and it was published in 1937. A Ship of the Line and Flying Colours were published soon after, and in 1939 all three appeared as Captain Horatio Hornblower.

Subsequent volumes in the series were sequels to the original trilogy or filled in Hornblower's early history. The episodic quality of the novels is due partly to their having appeared serially in magazines, almost all in The Saturday Evening Post.

Hornblower is a complex mixture epitomizing the man alone. He is cynical but compassionate, courageous but not without fear. Self-conscious and socially unconfident, his marriage is a mismatch, and he finds himself in love with the Duke of Wellington's sister. Above all he is a consummate seaman, deserving of the loyalty of his men.

The achievement of Forester was that in conjuring up person, period, and place--rousing sea battles, eventual shore life, England, France, Central America--he made it easy for readers to believe they were there. In England, Beat to Quarters was published as The Happy Return. Captain Horatio Hornblower appeared as a motion picture in 1951.

Midshipman, Lieutenant, and Hotspur were made into two TV miniseries and are available on DVDs.

The 12 volume Hornblower Saga
with the time periods covered in each book

Vol 1 (Jan 1793 - Nov 1797) Mr. Midshipman Hornblower   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 2 (Spring 1800 - Mar 1803) Lieutenant Hornblower   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 3 (Mar 1803 - Apr 1805) Hornblower and the Hotspur   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 4 (Apr 1805 - Summer/Fall 1805) Hornblower During the Crisis   $4.99   Buy Now!

Vol 5 (1953 Dec 1805 - Jan 1808) Hornblower and the Atropos   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 6 (Jun 1808 - Summer 1809) Beat to Quarters    (Available in the 3 book omnibus Captain Horatio Hornblower.)

Vol 7 (May 1810 - Fall 1810) Ship of the Line    (Available in the 3 book omnibus Captain Horatio Hornblower.)

Vol 8 (Nov 1810 - Fall 1811) Flying Colours   $7.99   Buy Now!   (Also in the 3 book omnibus Captain Horatio Hornblower.)

Vol 6, 7, 8 Omnibus Captain Horatio Hornblower   $15.99   Buy Now!

Vol 9 (Apr 1812 - Dec 1812) Commodore Hornblower   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 10 (Oct 1813 - Jun 1815) Lord Hornblower   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 11 (May 1821 - Oct 1823) Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies   $7.99   Buy Now!

Vol 12 (1796, 1799, 1810, 1812, 1848) Hornblower Addendum - Five Stories   $5.99   Buy Now!


A new Hornblower story by John Mahon  The Jamaican Affair of 1805   $7.99   Buy Now!