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"This last story by Forester, (written) in 1966, is as gripping and realistic of all his other tales. The addition of the two short stories doesn't lessen the gripping tale of this classic of the sea."


Hornblower During the Crisis
Hornblower Saga; Vol 4; Apr 1805 - Fall 1805

C S Forester

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Hornblower During the Crisis introduces Hornblower to the makings of a spy. Through fortuitous circumstances and quick wittedness, Hornblower, in action with a man who replaced him and then who immediately sunk the ship Hornblower had commanded for two years in the same waters, fought a ship battle and obtained a very special French secret document. These orders from Napoleon form the basis of the following actions by the British Admiralty which Hornblower must carry out, his first acts of espionage in his efforts to bring victory to England.

Hornblower During the Crisis was unfinished when Forester died in 1966. This edition includes the completed portion of the manuscript along with Forester's notes, which offer guidance as to how he planned to conclude the tale.

Hornblower During the Crisis - cover

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