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"I could not put this down; even though the author gives you chapter breaks, his measured cadence and rolling words just kept me going into the wee 'ours. There's a palpable joy to reading Forester. You become aware what an artful choice of words can do."


Ship of the Line
Hornblower Saga, Vol 7; May 1810 - Oct 1810

C S Forester

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Due to Copyright issues, this book is not available as a separate volume.
However it is available in our three volume omnibus
Captain Horatio Hornblower.

Now in command of his first Ship of the Line the HMS Sutherland, Hornblower needs to add 250 landlubbers and seamen to his crew. Through his daring and audacity, he does create a strong and able crew prior to reaching the Mediterranean. Its May 1810, seventeen years into England's war with Napoleon and with fighting now going on in Spain; Hornblower goes off on five winning escapades along the French and Spanish coast until finally he and his crew face capture and defeat as they are forced to fight a fleet of four French ships with daring and crippling success.

Ship of the Line - cover

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