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"This is the second book in the series and definitely has me hooked. This was told from the point of view of his friend Mr. Bush, whereas the first book was told from Hornblower's perspective. It really helps me to understand his character better looking at him from another perspective. I shall go on to the next book in the series with great interest. Highly recommended for a tale of action and adventure with a man with many outstanding characteristics, yet still human."

--William A McLaughlin

"Mr. Forester is a more than able historical novelist, explaining many of the principles of sailing and fighting a square-rigged British man-of-war. He also has a strong command of military tactics and strategy...."

The Wall Street Journal, Robert L. Simison

Lieutenant Hornblower
Hornblower Saga; Vol 2; Spring 1800 - Mar 1803

C S Forester

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Lieutenant Hornblower, in this Volume 2 of the Hornblower Saga, tells these stories of Hornblower's exploits through the eyes of Lieutenant Bush. A tyrannical, obsessed, and eventually crazy Captain falls, or is helped, through a hatch while chasing suspected mutineers, of which the other officers may be ringleaders. Upon the incapacity of the Captain, Hornblower, even though the most junior lieutenant, suggests and directs shore invasions in the West Indies, captures enemy ships, and recovers escaped Spanish crews.

After his name is cleared at a court martial, Hornblower is, of course, commended for his successes and sent home to England with dispatches as the Captain (as Commander) of one of the prizes he was responsible for capturing. With this view of Hornblower through Bush's eyes we enjoy discovering more about these two characters and their very different personalities.

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