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"It is, in my opinion, the best book of the series, and this is high praise, because this is one of the best adventure series in all of literature."

Roger J. Buffington

Beat to Quarters
Hornblower Saga; Vol 6; Jun 1808 - Aug 1809; in Capt HH

C S Forester

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Due to Copyright issues, this book is not available as a separate volume.
However it is available in our three volume omnibus
Captain Horatio Hornblower.

In this first book written about him, Captain Hornblower faces all the responsibilities, difficulties, and worries of solitary command in the age of sail. He sailed round Cape Horn to the Pacific coast of Central America on a secret mission to arm and support a revolution against Spanish rule. Despite a revolutionary leader who imagines himself el Supremo, the Almighty, and the need to fight and capture a Spanish warship more powerful than his frigate, Hornblower does exactly as ordered in this thrilling tale of naval adventure, but all for naught. Not only must Hornblower reverse his previous successes, this time against an alerted and ideological committed enemy, but he becomes burdened with the need to safeguard an unmarried English noblewoman whose politically powerful connections must not be affronted. The English title was The Happy Return, its irony suiting C. S. Forester's character.

Beat to Quarters - cover

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