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"C.S. Forester creates an outstanding image of life aboard a Napoeonic-era British naval vessel, with a fascinating insight into the mind of the main character ... With assignments ranging from England to Sicily to Turkey, the crew of the Atropos must deal with everything from doldrums to privateers to political maneuvering... with words where possible, and carronade-fire when they must. To borrow an over-used term, it is a gripping tale and one that any lover of naval adventure *must* read."


"This is one of the best books in the Hornblower series. It is a very engaging tale as it immerses you in the time and place with thrilling adventures. Just what is needed at the end of a long day or on a rainy afternoon."


Hornblower and the Atropos
Hornblower Saga; Vol 5; Dec 1805 - Jan 1808

C S Forester

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In this, the Fifth volume of the Hornblower Saga, while making his way with his wife Maria and baby son to London on a Cotswold canal, Hornblower is called upon to act as a bargeman, giving the reader an unexpected image of late 18th century England. Once arrived and captain of the smallest ship in the British Navy, always finding challenge and scope for his abilities, Hornblower must manage 38 barges for the naval procession carrying Nelson's casket from Greenwich up the Thames to Whitehall.

After that harrowing experience, he finds an oar with a crossed numeral 7 floating in a dense fog in the Broads which leads, of course, to another successful adventure. And much of the book concerns his and his crews' efforts in raising sunken treasure from a quiet bay in Turkey. Ending at home, with less fortune in sight, Hornblower knows his duty is to his country first, leading the reader to yearn to continue Hornblower's adventures.

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