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"I do recommend the series as a good thinking mans action adventure tale. I really liked Hornblower's problems solving skills and he came up with solutions to problems that I didn't think of, but did make sense. His character was complex enough to be interesting."

Jeffrey Van Wagoner

"You are right there with Horatio in all his battles and adventures. I really enjoyed this book and all the others in the series."

Steven R McPhee

Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies
Hornblower Saga: Vol 11; May 1821 - Oct 1823

C S Forester

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Horatio Hornblower, now Admiral, sails over seas as challenging as any in his victorious career. As admiral in charge of His Britannic Majesty's West Indies Station he is as gallant, daring, implosive as ever. In this tense time after Napoleon's defeat, all kinds of vagabonds, revolutionaries, Imperial Guards. and pirates come sailing into the waters where Hornblower is working his small contingent of naval vessels to preserve the peace and eliminate piracy. With intrepid daring and brilliant strategies, Hornblower wins his victories.

With this series of adventures, Volume 11, Hornblower's professional life as a British naval officer reaches its climax, not in a battle against men, but against nature. Here the inner Hornblower shows his colors.

Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies - cover

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