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"Reading, not just an escape, but an exercise in living..."

Taylor Caldwell

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The complete works of Taylor Caldwell

These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press via Buy Now! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1938 Dynasty of Death

1940 The Eagles Gather

1940 The Earth is the Lord's: A Tale of the Rise of Genghis Khan

1941 Time No Longer

1942 The Strong City

1943 The Arm and the Darkness

1943 The Turnbulls

1944 The Final Hour

1945 The Wide House

1946 This Side of Innocence

1947 There Was A Time

1948 Melissa

1949 Let Love Come Last

1951 The Balance Wheel / UK title The Beautiful Is Vanished

1952 The Devil's Advocate

1953 Maggie - Her Marriage

1954 Never Victorious, Never Defeated

1955 Your Sins and Mine

1956 Tender Victory

1957 The Sound of Thunder

1958 cover  Dear and Glorious Physician   $8.99   Buy Now!

1960 cover  The Listener   $7.99   Buy Now!

1961 cover  A Prologue to Love   $7.99   Buy Now!

1963 cover  The Late Clara Beame   $5.99   Buy Now!

1963 cover  Grandmother and the Priests / UK title To See the Glory   $5.99   Buy Now!

1965 A Pillar of Iron

1965 Wicked Angel

1966 No One Hears But Him

1967 Dialogues with the Devil

1968 Testimony of Two Men

1970 Great Lion of God

1971 On Growing Up Tough

1972 Captains and the Kings

1973 To Look and Pass

1974 Glory and the Lightning

1975 Romance of Atlantis (with Jess Stearn)

1976 Ceremony of the Innocent

1977 I, Judas (with Jess Stearn)

1978 Bright Flows the River

1980 Answer As A Man

2012 cover  Unto All Men   $4.99   Buy Now!