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The Listener

Taylor Caldwell

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Nobody has time to listen to anyone any more. The Listener, by Taylor Caldwell, is an inspiring story about 15 ordinary, despairing people, from all walks of life, who find inner peace. Each chapter is a story of someone who has lost faith in themselves, those they care for, or the world.

In his last days, John Godfrey built a beautiful sanctuary and had these words inscribed above its portal: 'The Man Who Listens'. Because everyone needs someone to listen, anguished people came to this place at all hours of the day and night. The Listener, hidden behind closed curtains, would only reveal himself to those who were truly in need. Peace, hope and happiness were restored to all who opened their soul to Him. The Listener is a powerful novel of suffering souls on a journey toward inner peace.

Through a series of modern parables, Caldwell reveals the desperation and spiritual aridity that can result when fundamental faith is lost or allowed to wither.

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