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"So far, my life has been more about discovering the things I don't want to do for a living."

--R R Maassen

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R R Maassen Biography

Eschewing anything remotely resembling the corporate ladder, Capt. Ron's survived as a river, backpacking and bicycling guide and worked dozens of odd jobs, including, most disgustingly, clean-up duty at a meat processing plant. He's survived a night in a blizzard on Togwolee Pass. learned how not to aggravate cobras on Africa's Zambezi river, endured – surprisingly easily – a brief stint behind bars, had his tent shot up while camping and been sued by a man he resuscitated after a near drowning.

"After a lifetime of odd jobs and pseudo-careers, it occurs to me I may never find my calling; my destined occupation. So far, my life has been more about discovering the things I don't want to do for a living. One positive outcome of such a varied life is a corresponding wealth of stories and anecdotes to recall anytime someone needs to be amused or distracted from their own foibles. Many times friends have encouraged me to produce a collection of observations and situations, as all of us, from time to time, enjoy the escapism of reading someone else's trials and tribulations."

If there's a moral to his stories, he says it's this: "Live every day to its fullest, because life comes at you fast and flies by in an instant; make sure you're on the ride."

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Works of R R Maassen

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