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Everybody's life is composed of coincidences and unpredictable results, but Forester's life had more than most.

--John Forester

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Works of John Forester

These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press via Buy Now! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1968  Statistical Selection of Business Strategies   

1976  Effective Cycling (First edition, 1976; Seventh edition, The MIT Press, 2012)   

1977  Bicycle Transportation (First edition, 1977; Second MIT edition, The MIT Press, 1994)   

1978  Effective Cycling Program, Effective Cycling Instructor's Manual (Iowa State University, 1978)   

1992  Effective Cycling, The Movie (Seidler Productions, 1992)   

2000   cover Novelist and Storyteller, The Life of C. S. Forester   $15.99   Buy Now!