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U 97
A play in three acts

C S Forester

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Published in 1931, the play U97 is based on real events from the First World War. This play in 3 acts is about the German Uboat UB-116 whose commander planned and executed a suicide attack on the British fleet in Scapa Flow in the final days of the war. Immediately upon publication, Karl Lerbs translated and adapted it for a German audience.

On stage at the end of 1931, first in Bremen and Hamburg, later nation-wide, it was a big success in Germany, because it was obviously in line with the upcoming national-socialist patriotism.

Nevertheless, the original story line is an excellent read, full of individual honor, patriotism and self-sacrifice in war. Many of the details are clear proof that considerable research was carried out on the historical facts. The dialogues and characters are well developed and the action is impressive. There is no victory in U 97 because the moral dilemma is honor or dishonor, and at what price? ...

Forward by Dr. Jetse Reijenga.

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