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"I discovered this book decades ago in an old steamer trunk that belonged to my wife's late aunt. I was surprised to find it so hilarious since I had never heard of Thorne Smith. When I later found out he had authored "Topper", I understood. I could hardly put it down because it kept me wondering what disaster would next befall Tim - or should I say Sally? Read it! You will understand."

C. Hoormann


Thorne Smith

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Thorne Smith has done it again. He has captured what appears to be the story of an ordinary married couple with everyday troubles, and has created an off-the-wall comedy with all sorts of twists and turns. After listening to Tim and Sally Willows bicker daily for years, an Egyptian idol decides to do something about it. He switches bodies on them!

Suddenly, each one is forced to look at life from the other's point of view. 'Tim' has to learn how to do his hair, put on makeup, and elude the man who is after his wife. 'Sally' has to work at an advertising agency, and think and talk like a man. As if that is not enough, 'Sally' gets his wife pregnant! Liquor, tears and laughter flow freely in this hilarious tale.

Turnabout - cover

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