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"The sequal to Topper. Thorne Smith is one of America's most underrated writer. You want screwball energy and wit? This is it! Depression era writing at it's most great."


Topper Takes a Trip

Thorne Smith

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Feckless, fun-loving and totally uncontrollable ghosts, George and Marion Kerby and friends -- the tortuously crooked Colonel Scott and his companion, the disreputable Mrs. Hart -- return to bring chaos and merriment into the life of mild-mannered, stuffy, and somewhat plump, Cosmo Topper.

After a summer of life-altering misadventures with his spirited friends, Cosmo has retreated to the French Riviera with his nagging wife, Mary, and cat, Scallops, when he finds himself alone in his bath scrubbing a foot that isn't his. "Listen," said the voice (of the foot) quite casually. "I'm perfectly willing to have you scrub my foot if you get any kick out of it--ha! ha!--but don't let it go any farther than that. I think that is fairly stated."

Ghostly tricks and new adventures abound. Oh, and the dog, don't forget the delightful ghost dog -- who still can't get the hang of becoming fully visible. "It gives every indication of being the tail of a dog. . .the tail of a dog animated by only the friendliest of feelings."

Written in 1932 as a sequel to the enormously popular Topper novel, Topper Takes a Trip takes the reader for another a walk on the wild side. Come join the fun. You'll be glad you did.

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