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"[Thorne Smith] created the modern American ghost. A ghost with style and wit. A ghost that haunts us still."

New York Times

"I loved this book. Written in 1926 but still fresh today. Marion and George Kerby are ghosts who enliven banker Cosmo Topper's staid life. Light reading, yet satisfying."

Peter in Portland

A Ribald Adventure

Thorne Smith

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Thorne Smith's hilarious and ribald comedy about boring and staid bank manager Cosmo Topper who decides to buy a flashy car only to discover it is haunted by its previous owners, George and Marion Kerby. George's and Marion's mischievous spirits (and a few other ghostly friends and an irresistible dog) make it their mission to lead the respectable Topper astray and give him a fresh outlook on life.

Liquor flows, pranks are common, and although not always willing, George becomes a new man. He realizes life is what you make of it, and there are so many possibilities.

Laugh out loud when Marion scares away the clientele and staff of a boutique or when George challenges Topper to a duel with clam shells. Thorne Smith's ghosts, their wit and repartee, are bound to entertain. Topper is the perfect beach read.

As captivating today as when it was first written in 1926, Topper set the standard for a host of other ghost stories and was made into a movie starring Cary Grant (1936) and adapted for a TV series (1953). Thorne Smith's ghosts, their wit and repartee, are bound to entertain. Topper is hilarious and ribald, the perfect beach read.

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