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"The Stray Lamb is a hilarious book, a gay, ribald, knowing book, with a deep strain of wisdom and humanity flowing beneath the brilliance of the story."


"Totally good and goofy."


The Stray Lamb

Thorne Smith

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In Thorne Smith's fantastical The Stray Lamb the "russett man in the woods" inflicts a string of hilarious adventures on poor, ordinary, faithful, Mr. Lamb. He is somewhat unwillingly tossed from one mishap to another and given a new perspective on life through the eyes of the many different animal identities he assumes including a stallion, goldfish, dog, lion and others.

Mr. Lamb gains wisdom, fresh insight, and a new much needed exuberance for life as he exchanges the mundane for the slightly insane.

The Stray Lamb - cover

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