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"Ocassionally, I come across an author whose work drags me in and holds me captive for hours. Dostoevsky is one that comes immediately to mind, and Solzhentisyn; that prodigious eyewitness of the follies of communism. I may now have to add Forester to that list."


"Reminds us unforgettably of what was happening in the blazing ruin of Hitler's Third Reich."

New York Times

The Nightmare

C S Forester

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During the dozen years of the Nazi regime in Germany, crimes were committed, usually quite legally and according to the letter of the law, that could hardly find a parallel in the most debased days of the Roman Empire. Even though not all Germans were Nazis and not all Germans followed Hitler, life during the reign of the blood-drenched Third Reich was a nightmare. This is a view of that nightmare, written by one of the most gifted writers of our time.

These ten stories are derived from evidence presented at the Nuremberg trials as fictionalized by C.S. Forester.

The Bower of Roses
Miriam's Miracle
The Physiology of Fear
The Head And The Feet
The Unbelievable
The Hostage
To Be Given To God
The Wandering Gentile

The Nightmare - cover

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