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"This book is absolutely incredible in the amount of hilarity it contains. I just can't write enough about this book ... But anyways, buy this book for your funny bone's sake and you will not got home angry. Rest, Relax, Read, Enjoy. This book is worth every cent you pay for it."

Doug Mitchell

The Night Life of the Gods

Thorne Smith

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Hunter Hawk is the epitome of a 'mad' scientist. An affluent bachelor, tired of sharing his home with his bossy sister and her family, sets off on a delightful adventure. With the help of his newly found 900 year old leprechaun girlfriend, he unleashes his successful invention: transforming people into statues, and vice versa. The once conservative gentleman and his evil henchwoman cause quite the stir in his hometown as even part of the minister is turned to stone.

Being chased by the police is not enough to quench his thirst for adventure. Soon, Hawk has the Greek gods in the Metropolitan Museum of Art loose on the city of New York. Bacchus, Mercury, Neptune, Diana, Hebe, Apollo, Venus and Perseus paint the town. Laughter flows as does liquor, food, and fornication.

The Night Life of the Gods - cover

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