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"I really enjoyed this book. What I did not realize when I ordered it was it is a series of short stories revolving around generally speaking one ship. I have been a fan of Forester for many years now and when it comes to naval fiction, no matter which war, he is the best."

Donald Hammond

The Man in the Yellow Raft

C S Forester

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This collection of short stories is a nostalgic and compelling picture of men at war, serving with the United States Navy during World War II. Here is all the excitement that C. S. Forester fans have come to expect, and what's more, a brilliant display of the author's special love of the sea and his impressive knowledge of seamanship and advanced naval warfare. You are a witness to courage and discipline amid great danger and the ever-present threat of death.

With disarming insight into the laughter and pain, Spartan discomfort, monotony, lack of privacy, and never-ending threats that make war what it is, C. S. Forester steers a tight course for the truth and a bright course of action and entertainment. This is a great collection, showing once more the Forester talent for telling a fine story and telling it well.

The Man in the Yellow Raft
The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck
Dr. Blanke's First Command
Triumph of the Boon
U.S.S. Cornucopia
December 6th

The Man in the Yellow Raft - cover

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