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this book contains the greatest comic dialogue ever written, and, if it is by some obscure chance preserved for posterity, it will put crowds of people into stitches of laughter for generations to come. To say that I cannot recommend it highly enough would be an understatement.

Reginald Strom

The Glorious Pool

Thorne Smith

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Another magical, mischievous Thorne Smith classic.

Rex Pebble, a man in his sixties, is still caught in limbo between his wife and his mistress of twenty years, Spray Summers. One evening while relaxing beside the 'glorious pool' in Spray's back yard, Rex's life is transformed. As the beautiful statue of a nymph comes alive, Rex, followed closely by Spray, dive into the waters and emerge years younger.

From there they have one exciting, completely hysterical adventure after another. To quote their Japanese butler, Nockashima, "This night, the nakedest I recall. Madam some wow. Very nice. Hot stuff now." Wild hook-and-ladder rides, police chases, flowing cocktails and different levels of undress will keep the reader thoroughly entertained.

Thorne Smith brings to life the possibility of the fountain of youth.

The Glorious Pool - cover

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