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"If you have the chance read it, it'll put a smile on your face."

Salty C Bug

The Bishop's Jaegers

Thorne Smith

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Mad, hilarious, degenerate, or simply fun fantasy? Only the reader can decide.

Thorne Smith opens with a fairly normal young executive, Peter Van Dyke, and his young secretary, Jo. Although he is engaged to another, she has far from given up. Laughter ensues as they go from one mishap to another along with fiancee Yolanda Wilmont, a pickpocket, a bishop who is desperately attached to his jaegers, and Aspirin Liz. Oddly enough, many of their antics revolve around drawers, whether having an excess or a lack of them. After escape from what should have been a leisurely excursion, they find themselves trapped again - this time on land. Prisoners in a nudist colony?

Only Thorne Smith could imagine such a predicament. And, who wins Peter's heart, Jo or Yolanda?

The Bishop's Jaegers - cover

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