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The Best Laid Plans

John Mahon

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Matt Masters was on a mission. He was the son of a wealthy CEO, and although both father and son were about to collect millions from the sale of company shares, Matt still had a debt to collect.

It wasn't money Matt wanted, but revenge. His wife and child had been killed in an automobile crash in which his father was the driver and Matt was convinced his father had been drunk, and therefor needed to pay for this crime.

In carrying out his best laid plan, Matt traveled to Guayaquil for an untraceable rifle, devised an alias via the Mafia, selected Wyoming for the deed, and got entangled with a beautiful woman via a clothing optional beach. Coupled with Taxi driver knowhow in and out of Miami.

One thing lead to another. Unbeknownst to him, Matt was not the only one with an agenda. Mafia boss, 'Big John', knew about the stock sale, and wanted to get in on the profits. When the deal went sour, someone had to pay for his humiliation. Who better than the CEO?

All of a sudden, there was more than one gun headed to Wyoming. Who would get there first, and what happens next? Enjoy this fun thriller, a novelette, by John Mahon.

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