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"If you find this classic by Forester, snap it up."


"C.S. Forester, grand master of the naval adventure novel, here writes not a novel, but simply a story, of young America's struggle to gain freedom of the seas against a harsh and cruel enemy that was seizing American ships and enslaving American sailors. The rest of the world had put up with this state of affairs literally for centuries. America, armed with resolve but no money, and virtually no navy, determined to end it."

Roger J. Buffington

The Barbary Pirates

C S Forester

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The Barbary pirates came from the four North African countries of Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli -- known as the Barbary States. What began as Mohammedans making war on Christians, turned into centuries of raids on merchant vessels, and forced slavery.

Only a year after America and England signed the peace of 1783, the American merchant brig, Betsey, was captured by a Moroccan warship. As a result, the United States Navy was born and the young country began its war on piracy in the Mediterranean.

Joshua Humphreys came forward with the best designs for ships which were built to endure both battle and storm, full of power and speed. Ships such as the Constitution, the Intrepid, the United States, the Constellation, the Enterprise and many more were sent out to sea.

C. S. Forester brings to life many young captains, including Morris, Preble, Decatur and Eaton who overcame many obstacles to help their country. Finally, after more than thirty years, and the efforts of all the civilized nations, peace and security was made permanent.

The Barbary Pirates - cover

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