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Swept Up
13 stories never before collected

C S Forester

Author C.S. Forester is best known for his gripping novels about naval warfare, but when he turned his talents to other subjects, the results were equally captivating — and full of surprises. C. S. Forester had a lighter side and, with a twist of his wry wit, could amuse, bamboozle, or educate, all with equal aplomb.

Among those stories featured in this collection are such favorites as:

To My Darling — Frank Fearon's days as a novelist were about to end. Diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, he sits down to write a letter to his wife offering some measure of comfort and advice and hope for the future — as well as confessing to an affair. (Some comfort, right?) Tch. Tch. What is a poor, unsuspecting wife to do?

Turn of the Tide — Old Slade has murder on his mind. A well-planned murder of a young interfering colleague, he told himself, was all he needed to set things right. Getting rid of the body was the tricky part, he realized that. But he had thought it through carefully — the wind and sea and outgoing tide would help him do the job. He had it all figured out. . . .

The Man Whose Wishes Came True — Walter Halford was sly and shifty and not at all likable. Besides that he had incredibly loose morals and was a bad driver. But one acquaintance — not a friend for heaven's sake, Walter didn't have friends — couldn't help but notice that Walter had a very odd talent. A very odd talent indeed.

This special group of stories were originally published separately by Esquire, The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Magazine of the Year, the book Tall Short Stories and The Argosy and are collected for the first time in digital form by eNet Press.

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