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Supreme Court

Andrew Tully

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"At its best, legislating is an untidy business. . . ."

Published twenty-six years after President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a reorganization of the judiciary that included his controversial "court-packing" plan, Supreme Court presents a fictionalized account of a similar plan which is never actualized.

Francis Copley Dalton, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, is a friend of the President and becomes entangled in his plan to enlarge the Supreme court. Although grateful for previous favors, Francis Dalton is uncomfortable with his decision and, finally, when a vacancy in the Court occurs, Justice Dalton must reconsider his position.

Filled with political caricatures, perhaps not all that exaggerated, and a shake of romance, Supreme Court provides a rare look into court chambers and will interest all history buffs intrigued by decision making in the judicial branch and its impact on the balance of power. Although written over 50 years ago, the politics is still dead center.

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