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"This work has the feel of a traditional fiction novel written in Forester's classic style. If you are looking for another naval story by Forester this is not for you, but if you like Forester overall and want to see how wide his range was then give this one a try."

B Nelson

Randall and the River of Time

C S Forester

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In Randall and the River of Time we're taken along on a young man's journey from a naive child to a mature, experienced adult. Although just a teenager during WWI, Charles Randall learns quickly how to stay alive during battle. During his first leave he meets two people who forever change his life. The wife of another military man intrigues and fascinates him. Sadly, a telegram announcing the death of her husband arrives, and he is drawn further into her web. However, he is also fortunate enough to impress a highly influential man with his knowledge and scientific evaluations of flares used for the war effort. His inventiveness results in a welcome, but unexpected chain of events including financial benefits as well as special treatment.

As this relationship builds him up, so the other one tears him down. Randall's impromptu marriage takes him down a lonely, desperate path full of deception and adultery as he finds himself in prison for manslaughter. The fears, horrors and awfulness of trench warfare during the First World War are described in sufficient detail for the reader to understand how normal people can react violently. The murder trial readily conveys the abilities of the players with contemporary dialog.

Randall and the River of Time - cover

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