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Plain Murder

C S Forester

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In Plain Murder, C. S. Forester takes us into the life and mind of an ordinary man, husband and father living and working in England in the late 1920's. Mr. Morris and a couple of co-workers were caught taking bribes, and were in danger of losing their jobs.

Because of the desperate need for income, and the fact that their boss was the only one who could implicate them, Morris devised a plan to take him out of the equation. He accomplished his first murder without a problem, and he began to look at others around him differently. He thought of himself as better than them, even his wife. When one of his partners in crime began to panic, he decided that he must be the next to go. This would avoid the possibility of him revealing their secret.

Feeling more and more powerful, he secretly planned out his next victim. Thankfully, one of them was paying attention. This is not a who-done-it, but a psychological investigation into a murderer's mind, and the minds of his associates, where the reader knows the murderer from the beginning and yet is drawn continuously into the plot. A real page turner.

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