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My Look At History

C S Forester

Author C. S. Forester was a history enthusiast who contributed many illuminating articles to popular publications of his day. His interest spanned centuries, his research was impeccable, and, as a story teller to the core, he makes the facts came to life with compelling force.

Included in this rare history collection are such articles as:

"The Iron Ghost — H.M.S. Warspite" — The career of the H.M.S. Warspite spanned over thirty years, covered both world wars, and took her across the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. After being seriously damaged during WW 1, the Nazis thought the 32-year-old Warspite rested at the bottom of the ocean. Little did they know that the latest improvements had been built into her, and when she was most needed, this grand old lady went on to range the oceans, where it was she, and not the enemy, who sent ship after ship to the bottom of the sea.

"The Night 30,000 People Drowned" — In January, 1945, Russian forces came bursting into the eastern provinces of Hitler's Reich, and by the hundred thousand, by the million, women and children and old men headed westward. During that flight the Russian navy was responsible for a maritime disaster so huge that the loss of the Titanic seems insignificant beside it. Tragically, the eyes of the world were focused on the Pacific, and no one had any attention to spare for what was happening in the Baltic.

"The Return of F.D.R." — A half an hour's interview, that's all he asks. But when he begins to broach his business, it quickly becomes apparent that the fellow is either a raving crackpot, or there is a far more dangerous potentiality. He wants the author's assistance to change the history of the world and he has a plan — a diabolical, impregnable plan.

This special collection of articles was originally published separately by the Current History & Forum, True, Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, American Weekly, Holiday, and American Heritage.

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