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"C.S. Forester never fails to tell an exciting tale and Lord Hornblower, the 9th novel in the series, is one of the best."

Cody Carlson

Lord Hornblower
Hornblower Saga; Vol 10; Oct 1813 - Jun 1815

C S Forester

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We now find Captain Horatio Hornblower elevated to the peerage in this volume 10 of the Hornblower Saga. He must save a tyrannical officer from his mutinied crew, advance the Bourbon cause in Le Harve as the city changes it allegiance away from Napoleon, and wage a guerilla fight with his old love Marie at his side. Only to find himself captured and condemned to death.

These thrilling tales of high-seas adventure in the Napoleonic era, which Winston Churchill found "vastly entertaining" and Ernest Hemingway recommended to "every literate I know", are being eagerly embraced by a new generation of readers.

Lord Hornblower - cover

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