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"Clean, rapid action in these shot-and-shell accounts of finest hours when heroes could be easily spotted by the barely perceptible stiffening of that upper lip."

Kirkus Reviews

Gold From Crete
10 stories of WW2

C S Forester

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9 of these 10 stories were written during World War II, as entertainment and to explain some of what was happening with British sailors, airmen, and tank crews battling for freedom and liberty. You have five stories about the courageous men of the HMS Apache barely surviving dropped bombs and blazing guns as they recover treasure or attack harbors. Here is a window to understanding the people who fought, their feelings, and the feelings of those around them.

The ship's Captain dons a diving suit to protect the Brooklyn Navy Yard and adds his knowledge of a German submarine Captain which destroys the German; Crew chase a submarine with the new sonar; A charming spy story, a romance between an American fighter pilot in the RAF and his WREN girlfriend who work together to capture a new Messerschmitt; A Holland's tug boat captain uses his observed dumbness to make a significant contribution to the allied war effort; You experience the dryness and uncomfort of a mad rush in a tank across the North African desert to victory; And a long story fictionalizing the possible invasion of England by Hitler and the probable actions taken by the Germans to invade and the English to defend.

-- Gold from Crete
-- Dawn Attack
-- Depth Charge!
-- Night Stalk
-- Intelligence
-- Eagle Squadron
-- An Egg for the Major
-- "You Are Welcome!"
-- The Dumb Dutchman
-- If Hitler Had Invaded England

Gold From Crete - cover

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