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"Commodore Hornblower is a story of heroism in the Napoleonic era but it was published at the right time to remind the British people of the heroism that they had so recently shown. It's a marvelous sequel and worthy successor to Forester's pre-war efforts."

Bill Mac

"Hornblower is his usual compelling self -- brave, brilliant but with his dark sides. He make decisions and has thoughts that would be considered far too complex and realistic for today's action heroes. I found myself as fascinated by Hornblower himself as I was by the thrilling action scenes. This is an excellent continuation of the Hornblower series."

Michael H. Siegel

Commodore Hornblower
Hornblower Saga; Vol 9; Apr 1812 - Dec 1812

C S Forester

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We again find Captain Horatio Hornblower in this the 9th volume, chronologically, of the Hornblower Saga, off on a new adventure to the Baltic in 1812, when Napoleon's army marches into Russia. He comes through raids, assignations, a siege, an attempted assassination by a member of his crew , and typhus, seeking success but not notoriety, while his introspection sometimes overwhelms him. According to his biographer, Hornblower's swift actions using ungainly bomb-ketches, landed marines and his naval insight for strategy and tactics probably had major influences on the retreat of Napoleon from Russia. Another great read.

These thrilling tales of high-seas adventure in the Napoleonic era, which Winston Churchill found "vastly entertaining" and Ernest Hemingway recommended to "every literate I know", are being eagerly embraced by a new generation of readers.

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