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"Everything that I loved about Forester's Hornblower novels is found in The Captain From Connecticut. From brilliant sea battles, to duels of honor, to personal fears, this is a novel in great Forester tradition."

Cody Carlson

"In this extremely well told tale, Captain Josiah Peabody, USN leads the frigate Delaware against British interests in the War of 1812. This story nearly has it all. The action crackles like a thunderous broadside, and the duel, the romance, and personal complexity of the captain are sure to satisfy even the most glutted reader. My only problem with this work was that it didn't continue to include a multi-volume series."

Seth D Frondesco

Captain from Connecticut

C S Forester

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Here we find Captain Josiah Peabody, the American hero in Forester's book about the war of 1812, cruising the Atlantic and Caribbean wrecking destruction and confounding the British as he disturbs the West Indian trade. Making a difficult passage between keeping his powerful frigate of the Constitution class free from major damage while still forcing the world's most powerful navy to expend ships to try and control him, Captain Peabody works his Yankee ingenuity to aid the British to capture a rapacious pirate.

The grasp of Peabody's grim childhood is broken by his discovery of love with the beautiful and understanding daughter of the French Governor of Martinique. As Peabody grows aware of human emotions he previously thought sinful, he becomes a better man, and a better captain, who even looks forward to a world without fighting. In this novel, the reader sees excitement, challenge, and the forces of human nature combine into a good read from Forester's masterful pen.

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