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"A superb tale of derring-do, with romantic trimmings, and historical rooting in the confused nationalities of the Caribbean, as Dutch, French, British and American interests strove for dominance. "

--Kirkus Reviews

"It's written very accurately, and has enough action and even romance involved to keep you interested. Some parts can drag, but not for very long. The only thing that [upset] me was the way females were depicted, but then again, it takes place during the Revolutionary War, and that was the way women were supposed to be during that time."

--Sarcastic Songstress

Captain Barney

Jan Westcott

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Captain Barney, daring privateer and officer in the infant United States Navy, was a man who could have walked in the footsteps of John Paul Jones. A great hero in the victories over the British Navy that turned the tide finally in favor of the Americans, his exciting private life was as full-bodied and fascinating as his fighting career on the high seas.

Jan Westcott's absorbing recreation dramatizes also the story of Lady Douglass Harris, the high-spirited, independent English woman for whom Barney risked his life -- and whose unconventional behavior often made him bitterly regret it.

The story revolves around Philadelphia, where Barney lived, and Statia, an informal name for the little known Caribbean island of Sint Eustatius, that was the key American supply base for foreign war materials. The story intermingles romance, tensions, sailing ships with outwitting the enemy, and brings a stirring narrative sure to please Jan Westcott's fans.

Captain Barney - cover

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