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Articles from my Diary

C S Forester

Author C.S. Forester is best known for naval battle scenes and compelling accounts about life in the British navy, but his interests were eclectic and he wrote many captivating articles about his personal challenges as well as anything and everything that tweaked his curiosity.

In this collection are such favorites as:

"Whats it Like to Write a Novel" — Fitting together the pieces of a new story is perhaps the greatest reward known to novelists. The exciting glimmer of a new idea, the faces of the characters appearing and gradually taking charge, the possible directions of the plot. Ah, the process of construction is a happy one. However, the ideas formed in the imagination have to be fixed on paper — therein lies the challenge. According to C. S. Forester, it's the beginning to write that's abrupt and brutal.

"England in October" — Many people believe that it is best to be prepared for culinary mediocrity when traveling to fair England. Not true! says novelist C.S. Forester. With the authority based on personal experience, the author shares his longing for England in October and his love for harvest foods. Try Brussels sprouts cooked to a savory crispness, thin sliced roast beef from a pasture fed Scottish ox, a dozen oysters with English brown bread and butter and a glass of sherry, a hollowed-out artichoke, containing a few sliced mushrooms with a touch of Madeira sauce, or an anchovy in molten Parmesan cheese. Still have room for more? Lean back in your chair, loosen your belt, and savor every paragraph.

"Margery Sharp" — A tribute to English writer Margery Sharp (January 25, 1905 — March 14, 1991). Praise for her writing is unnecessary, but Forester's description of his accidental meeting is insightful. Margery Sharp wrote 26 novels for adults, 14 children's novels, 4 plays, 2 mysteries and numerous short stories. She is best known for her series of children's books about a little white mouse.

Each of these articles was originally published separately in The Saturday Evening Post, The Book of the Month Club News, Town & Country, Holiday and The Spectator.

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