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They Dream of Home

Niven Busch

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Three marines, one seaman, and a raider scout are thrown together on their last patrol and, bound by hardship and tragedy, become the Group; a brotherhood that is their only home and sets the standard by which they live. When they return to Los Angeles in 1943, they are dedicated to staying united as they abandon death, doubt, and terror and endeavor to embrace life, hope, and assurance.

However, the men find themselves and their families irreparably changed as the challenges of civilian life trigger unexpected estrangement and despair. Wives and girlfriends betray their promises, families are abandon, jobs are gained and lost, flashbacks and the traumas of combat haunt them, until relief is sought in booze and gambling and barroom brawls.

Judged and misunderstood by the civilian world, they turn to other members of the Group. Alone the world threatens to defeat them; together they find solace and strength and the means for counteraction. With the help of the Group, they attempt to restore and rebuild the dreams that brought them home.

The stories of these five soldiers―disabled, disfigured, and displaced―honestly and bravely speak for soldiers from all wars everywhere.

They Dream of Home was adapted for the screen and made into a film; Till the End of Time starred Dorothy McGuire, Guy Madison, Robert Mitchum, and Bill Williams.

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