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eNet Press History

eNet Press was started in 2011 by George Forester and John Forester, the sons of C.S. Forester. George and John produced Hornblower ebooks as their first effort, with Eric Savage designing the book covers. Since then, John only helps as an advisor while George is general factotum. By June 2011, 10 of the 12 volume Hornblower Saga by C.S. Forester had been published, and work has been completed on 13 more volumes in Forester's Tales of War, and many more C.S. Forester titles are now available. We added a production team and a web team in 2012.

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eNet Press publishes in ebook formats titles by famous authors from the 1930s through 1970s and other interesting works. Works of Taylor Caldwell, John Collier, Richard Bissell, and Thorne Smith were added in early 2012. In 2013, works of Samuel Shellabarger and Andrew Tully were added. 2014 saw the works of Niven Busch and Daniel Mannix. Besides popular authors of the last century, we have added three new authors: John Mahon, Ron Maassen, and Jerry Rust. Currently, besides being available from this site, the published titles are available from Amazon as Kindle eBooks, from Barnes & Noble and Apple as ePubs. All the ebooks are available for worldwide purchase except the works of C.S. Forester and Taylor Caldwell which are only for sale in the USA.

PHOTOS: Right - George Forester; Left - John Forester