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"Robotic combat machines that look like iron iguanas that begin to go AWOL during their triumphant testing. What could be better than that?"


The Titan Game

Niven Busch

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With action moving from the fast-track of Silicon Valley to a Moroccan prison cell, from secret war games in the California desert to sexual espionage in the nation's capital, this story tells of a young man brought up in the weapons business — and disgusted with it — who is suddenly forced to adjust to a world he never made. Jason Streck, once a hostage of another kind, inherits his father's defense-procurement empire and is swiftly drawn onto turf staked out for profit by international merchants whose currency is finding new ways to kill — and Streck's company has one.

Many lives beyond Jason's are reshaped or wiped out, blessed or cursed by the new machine and the battle for its control. The youthful CEO must learn to deal with the high-level boardroom and bedroom protocols of the elite Pentagon "E-Circle" group and of certain men and women seeking to penetrate it.

The rules of The Titan Game are as deadly as gas and as devious as fog; among them: torturers can become esteemed customers; bystanders are seldom innocent; a man's worst enemy is often himself; and your best work can betray you.

Busch shows the storytelling skills he has honed over a number of best-sellers. The Titan Game is a compelling novel that cuts with the knife edge of fine suspense and gleams with authority and clarity.

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