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"Busch writes good, strong, storytelling prose, but this new novel--a massive California family tale of oil business, show business, and sex--moves slowly and with little apparent shape through a relatively short span of years."

--Kirkus Reviews

Continent's Edge

Niven Busch

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A whopping tale about a California ranching family (1923 to 1940) who are already rich but become crazy rich when one of the sons discovers oil—giving them a money printing machine they can use any way they like—which they proceed to do and then some. The oil business and endless stockholders meetings, horse racing, show business, movie stars, art, politics, oh yes, sex―that about covers it.

Sometimes hitting it just right, but mostly going on too long and meandering too far, Busch opted for more when he should have aimed for less.

Continent's Edge - cover

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