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"As there can be no peace among individual men where there is no law, so there can be no peace among states who are subject to no law."

Samuel Shellabarger, Prince of Foxes

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Complete Works of Samuel Shellabarger

These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press via Buy Now! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1928   coverThe Chevalier Bayard   $8.99    Buy Now!

1929   cover The Black Gale   $6.99    Buy Now!

1935   cover Lord Chesterfield   $8.99    Buy Now!

1944-45  Captain from Castile

1947  Prince of Foxes

1950   cover The King's Cavalier   $7.99    Buy Now!

1953   cover Lord Vanity   $7.99    Buy Now!

1955   cover The Token   $6.99    Buy Now!

1956   cover Tolbecken   $7.99    Buy Now!

Under pseudonym Peter Loring

1938  cover Grief Before Night   $6.99    Buy Now!

1939  cover Miss Rolling Stone (Who Travels Alone)   $6.99    Buy Now!

Under pseudonym John Esteven

1928   cover The Door of Death   $5.99    Buy Now!

1930   cover Voodoo   $5.99    Buy Now!

1935   cover By Night at Dinsmore   $5.99    Buy Now!

1936-37   cover While Murder Waits   $5.99    Buy Now!

1938   cover Blind Man's Night   $5.99    Buy Now!

1938   cover Graveyard Watch   $5.99    Buy Now!

1939   cover Assurance Double Sure   $5.99    Buy Now!