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"I was working in the publicity department of one of the few good advertising firms in the world when Mrs. Stong suggested that I do something about my native State's great harvest festival, the Fair."

Phil Stong

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Phil Stong Complete Works

These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1932   cover State Fair  $6.99   Buy Now!

1933   cover Stranger's Return  $7.99   Buy Now!

1934   cover Farm Boy - Iowa Kids 1910, Volume 1 (Phil Stong's Big Book - juvenile)  $4.99   Buy Now!

1934   Village Tale

1935   cover Farmer in the Dell  $6.99   Buy Now!

1935   cover Honk, the Moose Newbery Medal, Honor Book (juvenile)  $6.99   Buy Now!

1935   Week-end

1936   Career

1936   cover High Waters - Iowa Kids 1910, Volume 2 (Phil Stong's Big Book - juvenile)  $4.99   Buy Now!

1936   cover No Sitch the Hound - Iowa Kids 1910, Volume 3 (Phil Stong's Big Book - juvenile)  $4.99   Buy Now!

1937   Buckskin Breeches

1937   The Rebellion of Lennie Barlow


1938   cover County Fair   $4.99   Buy Now!

1938   cover Edgar: the 7:58   $5.99   Buy Now!

1938   Young Settler (juvenile)

1939   Cowhand Goes to Town

1939   Horses and Americans

1939   Ivanhoe Keeler

1939   The Hired Man's Elephant (juvenile)

1939   The Long Lane

1940   Hawkeyes, a biography of the State of Iowa

1940   If School Keeps

1941   Captain Kidd's Cow

1941   One Destiny

1941   The Princess

1942   The Iron Mountain

1942   Way Down Cellar (Juvenile)

1943   Missouri Canary

1945   cover Marta of Muscovy   $7.99   Buy Now!

1947   Jessamy John

1947   Positive Pete

1949   The Last Days of Sacco and Vanzetti (In The Aspirin age)

1950   cover The Prince and the Porker (juvenile)  $5.99   Buy Now!

1951   Forty Pounds of Gold

1951   Hiram, the Hillbilly

1953   Return in August

1954   Mississippi Pilot

1955   A Beast Called an Elephant

1955   Blizzard

1956   Adventures of "Horse" Barnsby

1957   Gold in Them Hills

1957   Mike, the story of a young circus acrobat


1941   The Other Worlds: 25 Modern Stories of Mystery and Imagination Edited and with an Intro by Phil Stong