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"If I'm not good enough to marry, I'm not good enough to kiss."

Duel in the Sun

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Movies & screenplays
(Niven Busch participation in parentheses)

1932  The Crowd Roars (screenplay: N[e]vin Busch et al) (staring James Cagney, Joan Blondell) Warners

1932  Miss Pinkerton (adaptation) (staring Joan Blondell)

1932  Scarlet Dawn (screenplay) (staring Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Nancy Carroll) Warners

1933  College Coach (story & screenplay) (staring Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak) Warners

1934  The Big Shakedown (screenplay/story Cut Rate) (staring Ricardo Cortez, Bette Davis) Warners

1934  The Man With Two Faces (screenplay: Niven Busch & Tom Reed) (staring Edward G. Robinson) Warners

1934  He Was Her Man (screenplay) (staring James Cagney, Joan Blondell) Warners

1934  Babbitt (adaptation) (staring Guy Kibbee) Warners

1935  Lady Tubbs (uncredited/unconfirmed) (staring Mildred Harris)

1935  Three Kids and a Queen (uncredited) (staring Irving Pichell)

1937  In Old Chicago (story; We the O'Learys) (starting Tyrone Power, Alice Faye) 20thCentury

1939  Off the Record (screenplay) (staring Joan Blondell) Warners

1939  The Angels Wash Their Faces (screenplay) (starting Dead End Kids) Warners

1940  The Westerner (screenplay) (Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan) Goldwyn

1941  Belle Starr (story) (staring Gene Tierney) 20thCentury

1946  The Postman Always Rings Twice (screenplay) (staring Lana Turner, John Garfield) MGM

1946  Till the End of Time (novel They Dream of Home) (staring Dorothy McGuire, Robert Mitchum) RKO

1946  Duel in the Sun (story from novel; Duel in the Sun) (staring: Jennifer Jones, Gregory Peck, Joseph Cotton) Selznick

1947  Pursued (screenplay) (staring Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright ) Warners

1947  Moss Rose (adaptation) (staring Ethel Barrymore, Vincent Price) 20thCentury

1950  The Capture (produced, screenplay, story) (staring Lew Ayers, Teresa Wright) RKO

1950  The Furies (novel) (staring Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Huston) Paramount

1951  Distant Drums (screenplay/story) (staring Gary Cooper) Warners

1953  The Man from the Alamo (story) (staring Glen Ford) Universal

1953  The Moonlighter (story, screenplay) (staring Barbara Stanwyk, Fred MacMurray) Warners

1955  The Treasure of Pancho Villa (screenplay)(staring Shelly Winters, Rory Calhoun) RKO

1957  The 20th -Fox Hour (TV): City in Flames (1957) (story We the O'Learys)

1962  The Wild Cat (novel Duel in the Sun – uncredited)

1986  La Gloria y el Infierno (TV) (story)

Other writings

Writing for the screen

1944  Duel in the Sun, Movie Tie-in – with photos from the movie

Stories into movies

1933  College Coach into movie College Coach

1934  Cut Rate into movie The Big Shakedown

1936  We the O'Learys story for In Old Chicago

1941  Belle Star into movie Belle Star

1951  Distant Drums into movie Distant Drums

1953  The Man from the Alamo into movie The Man from the Alamo