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"The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists of 'Ten Best.'"

James H Street

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These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1939   Robert Gair, a study

1939   Mr. Klein's Kampf

1941   cover Low Man on a Totem Pole   $4.99    Buy Now!

1943   Life in a Putty Knife Factory (Follow-up book to Low Man on a Totem Pole)

1944   cover Lost in the Horse Latitudes   $4.99    Buy Now!

1945   Desert Island Decameron

1946   cover Rhubarb   $5.99    Buy Now!

1946   The Truth: How it feels to be on the best seller list for 108 weeks

1946   3 Smiths in the Wind (Contains: Low Man on a Totem Pole, Life in a Putty Knife Factory, and Lost in the Horse Latitudes)

1947   Lo, the Former Egyptian!

1948   Larks in the Popcorn

1949   Low and Inside (A book of baseball anecdotes, oddities and curiosities)

1949   We went Thataway

1950   People Named Smith

1951   Three Men on Third (A second book of baseball anecdotes co-authored with Ira I Smith)

1952   Mr. Zip

1952   Smith's London journal

1953   The Compleat Practical Joker

1954   The Rebel Yell

1954   The World, the Flesh, and H. Allen Smith (Anthology of short stories)

1955   The Age of the Tail

1956   Write Me a Poem, Baby

1958   The Pig in the Barber Shop

1959   Don't Get Perconel With a Chicken (Follow up book to Write Me a Poem, Baby)

1960   Waikiki Beachnik

1960   Let the Crabgrass Grow

1961   How to Write Without Knowing Nothing (Anthology of short stories)

1962   To Hell in a Handbasket

1963   A Short History of Fingers (Anthology of short stories)

1963   Two-thirds of a coconut tree

1965   Poor H. Allen Smith's almanac #1

1967   Son of Rhubarb

1968   Buskin' with H Allen Smith

1969   The Great Chili Confrontation (With recipes)

1970   Rude Jokes

1971   The View from Chivo (Third Rhubarb book)

1971   The Art of Wasting Time (By Clifton Fadiman and H Allen Smith)

1972   The Best of H Allen Smith (Anthology of short stories)

1973   Low Man Rides Again (Anthology of short stories)

1974   Return of the Virginian

1974   The Life and Legend of Gene Fowler