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"Even when the rakes walked the streets they were followed by retinues of down-and-out artists, sculptors, couriers and foreign travel, purveyors of pornographic literature, wine merchants, and pimps."

Daniel Mannix, The Helfire Club

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Complete Works of Daniel P Mannix

These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press via Buy Now! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

1934   cover The Back-Yard Zoo  $6.99  Buy Now!

1936   cover More Back-Yard Zoo  $6.99  Buy Now!

1951   cover Step Right Up! Memoirs of a Sword Swallower  $6.99  Buy Now!

1958   cover The Wildest Game (by Peter Ryhiner as told to Daiel P. Mannix)  $7.99  Buy Now!

1958   cover Those About to Die: or The way of the Gladiator  $7.99  Buy Now!

1959   cover The Hellfire Club  $7.99  Buy Now!

1959  The Beast: The Scandalous Life of Aleister Crowley

1959   cover Kiboko  $7.99  Buy Now!

1962   cover Black Cargoes (with Malcolm Cowley)  $8.99  Buy Now!

1963   coverThe Autobiobraphy of Daniel Mannix: My Life with All Creatures Great and Small (autobiography)  $6.99  Buy Now!

1963   cover The History of Torture $8.99  Buy Now!

1964  The Father of the Wizard of Oz

1965   cover The Outcasts  $5.99  Buy Now!

1967  A Sporting Chance: Unusual Methods of Hunting

1967   cover The Fox and the Hound (with illustrator John Schoenherr)  $6.99  Buy Now!

1967   cover The Last Eagle (with illustrator Russell Peterson)  $4.99   Buy Now!

1968   cover The Killers: The Story of a Fighting Cock and Wild Hawk  $6.99  Buy Now!

1969   cover Troubled Waters: The Story of a Fish, a Stream and a Pond (with illustrator Patricia Collins)  $6.99  Buy Now!

1971   cover The Healer  $6.99  Buy Now!

1974   cover Drifter  $6.99  Buy Now!

1975   cover The Secret of the Elms  $5.99  Buy Now!

1976   cover Freaks: We Who Are Not As Others  $7.99  Buy Now!

1978   cover The Wolves of Paris  $7.99  Buy Now!

1983   cover The Old Navy (from the personal records of Rear Admiral Daniel P Mannix III)  $7.99  Buy Now!

Magazine Articles

Note: eNet Press has a list of more than 30 articles and stories published in St. Nicholas Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, Pocket Book Weekly, American Heritage, The Baum Bugle, Collier’s Magazine, and True Magazine. Acquiring these stories could be an extensive effort. (Some of these were co-written with Jule Junker Mannix)

1930  "Raiders of the Night" in St. Nicholas Magazine, August, 1930

1933  "Two Texas Goblins" in St. Nicholas Magazine, June, 1933

1935  "Gladiators of the Gods" in The Saturday Evening Post, May 25, 1935

1941  "Hunting Dragons with an Eagle" in The Saturday Evening Post, January 18, 1941

1941  "Death on Swift Wings" in The Saturday Evening Post, November 8, 1941

1943  "We're in the Money" in The Saturday Evening Post, January 16, 1943

1944-45  "How to Swallow a Sword" by The Great Zadma as told to Jule Junker Mannix in Collier's Magazine, July 22, 1994; reprinted in Collier's December 2, 1944; reprinted in Reader's Digest, March 1945

1945  "Fire-eating is Fun" by The Great Zadma in Pocket Book Weekly, February 3, 1945

1949  "Tracked by Bloodhounds" in The Saturday Evening Post, April 9, 1949

1964  "The Father of The Wizard of Oz" in American Heritage, December, 1964


1953  King of the Sky (documentary short)

1958  Universal Color Parade: Parrot Jungle

1959  Killers of Kilimanjaro