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"He was sent over to do what none of the pundits could or would do — try to see the Russians as just people," ... "He did that — and with stories that were sympathetic, observant and understanding."

-- Ernie Pyle Award citation

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These works are in chronological order as originally published. Titles in red are available from eNet Press via Buy Now! Click on a cover to learn more about that particular book.

The works of Andrew Tully with first published dates.

1947   cover Era of Elegance (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1958   cover Treasury Agent (non-fiction)   $5.99    Buy Now!

1960   cover A Race of Rebels (fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1961   cover When They Burned the White House (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1962   cover Capital Hill (fiction)   $5.99   Buy Now!

1962   cover CIA The Inside Story (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1963   cover Supreme Court (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1963   cover Berlin, Story of a Battle (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1964 Where Did Your Money Go? With Milton Britten (non-fiction)   

1965 The FBI's Most Famous Cases (non-fiction)   

1967 The Time of the Hawk (fiction)   

1967   cover White Tie and Dagger (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

1969 cover The Super Spies : More Secret, More Powerful than the CIA (non-fiction)   $7.99    Buy Now!

1973 cover The Secret War Against Dope (non-fiction)   $7.99    Buy Now!   

1974 cover The Brahmin Arrangement (fiction)   $5.99    Buy Now!  

1980 cover Inside the FBI (non-fiction)   $6.99    Buy Now!

2010 cover Andrew Tully on Everything Edited by Molly Wood Tully   $5.99    Buy Now!