ebooks and formats

ebook Formats

eNet Press publishes each ebook in 3 formats: .epub (most eReaders), .pdf (most computers and hand helds), and .mobi (Amazon Kindle format). Most of the ebooks have color covers, and may have color illustrations. Note: the Kindle hand held unit (not color) displays ebooks in shades of gray.

About using the formats

Download choices

When you purchase a book to download from eNet Press you initially select the format you want. For the initial download price, you can download 5 copies total, choosing at each download from any one of the formats provided. With eNet Press ebooks you can enjoy each ebook you purchase on whichever machines and readers you use.

Note about iPad

Use the Kindle for iPad app free from Amazon and download ebooks in .mobi format from our eBookstore.

The iBooks reader does not work well with titles in our .epub format.

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