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New Products For July

The Secret War Against Dope
Historical account about the battle against international drug smuggling in the 1970s. Taken from the closed files of the U.S. Customs Bureau during a time when political hysteria about the...
County Fair
Reminiscences of a famed Iowa author about county fairs during the early 20th century. The county fair was not just a tent full of farm exhibits, cakes and jams, hogs and horses, but a...

Farmer in the Dell
Humorous and gently satirical comic novel about an Iowa farmer's move to Hollywood where he is unexpectedly transformed into a movie star. The farmer is so capable and honest, so down-home and...
Drawings by Leo Hershfield Humorous novel of 1940s America starring Rhubarb, a scraggly, somewhat deranged and bad tempered alley cat and a cast of zany human characters. When...

Lost in the Horse Latitudes
Illustrations by Leo Hershfield This ebook collects zany stories about the author's misadventures writing for Paramount Pictures in the 1940s. During his stay in Hollywood, H....
Low Man on a Totem Pole
Humorous (make that hilarious and side-splitting) collection of stories from the desk of a New York journalist who met and interviewed more major and minor celebrities, human oddities, and...

Haunts and Bypaths
poetry, writing as J Thorne Smith Jr A collection of Thorne Smiths's poetry from the WW 1 Naval Reservist journal The Broadside as well as many submitted to The Smart...
The Gun
Face-paced and exciting historical fiction about a band of Spanish guerrilleros during the Penisular War between France and Spain (1807 - 1814) who are transformed into a besieging army...

The Prince and the Porker
Illustrations by Kurt Wiese Children's book about a lonesome race horse who fails to strut his stuff until matched with the perfect stablemate -- a small, but very hungry pig...