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New Products For May

The Best Laid Plans
Matt Masters is planning revenge on his father for the automobile crash that killed his wife and son. John Mahon takes you on his journey with a few twists and turns including travel, millions...
Honk the Moose
Children's classic about two ten year old boys in a small Minnesota community who return from hunting one cold winter's day and discover an exhausted and very hungry moose in their father's...

The Hate Merchant
Along the streets of San Francisco walks a pitchman so extraordinary that he can sell anything. When he and the Kinderwall Sunshine Mission cross paths unexpectedly, he discovers a new audience...
Edgar: The 7:58
A book for children about a train with a thirst for knowledge and a determination to be on time. "I'm the smartest engine in the world.” Edgar says. “I'm the first one that realized he...

Biltmore Oswald
The Diary of a Hapless Recruit (as J. Thorne Smith, Jr.) Forerunner to such comic greats as Beetle Bailey and Sad Sack, naval recruit Biltmore Oswald faced the absurdities...