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Adventures of a River Rat

Adventures of a River Rat
Price: $6.49

Date Added: Monday 21 November, 2011
Collected Vignettes A true accounting of Captain Ron's adventures after a lifetime of odd jobs and pseudo-careers. Absorbing and sometimes

Good bye, Ava

Good bye, Ava
Price: $5.99

Date Added: Sunday 12 August, 2012
Frank Blanchard lives on a houseboat, has a great job, and is in love with an unattainable woman. Frank and his neighbors are about to have their

Say, Darling

Say, Darling
Price: $6.99

Date Added: Wednesday 14 November, 2012
A riotous story about an Indiana author who packs up his family and moves 900 miles (by car in a heat wave with four children) to take up residence