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New Products For August

Julia Harrington
Fictionalized diary of a 12 year old girl growing up in Winnebago, Iowa in 1913. Beautifully illustrated with advertisements, mail-order catalogs, and other period pieces.The .pdf format allows...
The Killers: The Story of a Fighting Cock and a Wild Hawk
It is a duel to the death as ruthless as any ever waged on the field of honor—but with a difference. The setting is a Pennsylvania Dutch farm and surrounding woods. The antagonists are a...

The High Calling
The Wingo Saga, vol 2 The trials, defeats, and triumphs of a Baptist minister who returns to the small town of his first pastorate to preach at a new church where he will face the...
The Gauntlet
The Wingo Saga, vol 1 A young Baptist pastor and his wife struggle to keep their church and their spiritual integrity in a small Southern town in the 1920s.

The Biscuit Eater
In the piney woods of Mississippi, boys and bird dogs grow up together. They're born to it. It's in their blood. When Lonnie is offered the opportunity to raise and train his own dog, he begins...
EkaPad Package International
EkaPad Package International The complete EkaPad system (or EkaPackage) includes, EkaPad, 12-key keypad EkaHand, for in-the-hand use mini - standard USB Cable Desk Stand, for desktop use Travel...